Uncategorized December 7, 2022

Reasons a Realtor is Needed When Buying New Construction

It’s a no brainer to use a real estate agent when purchasing an existing home, but when it comes to new homes, there is a misconception that realtors are not needed. This may be because buyers are greeted by friendly sales representatives at the builder offices. These sales reps are valuable resources, and they are able to answer any questions the buyers have. What new construction buyers may not realize is that the sales rep represents the builder, not them.

Making one of the largest purchase decisions of a lifetime without anyone representing your own interests is a risky pursuit. A licensed real estate agent is needed for new construction transactions to advocate for the buyer. The agent’s commission is paid for by the builder allowing the buyer to obtain free representation from a real estate agent.

In addition to free buyer representation, a Realtor can provide the following services to clients in new construction transactions:

Scheduling model home tours with the builders

Helping the client to select their own home inspector

Finding and comparing builder incentives

Negotiating the price for move in ready homes

Relaying any client concerns to the builder

Remember to call a realtor before going to the model homes for the first time.


-Pamela Parham, Realtor